Who are Anxious Eaters?

Who are these anxious eaters? You know these children. They are worried about eating, pretty “picky” and eat a very narrow diet with very specific foods. They may only eat one brand of macaroni and cheese and may like their waffles round. They may like any food with a crunch, but no wet foods. Their preferred cheese is a particular string cheese, but only white, not yellow! They may like fast food nuggets from only one restaurant and they must be fresh and warm. They may drink milk, but only from their special cup and apple juice from the green box. Their yogurt may need to be one flavor, brand, color and must be eaten directly out of that container, not a bowl! They may have no vegetables or fruits in sight. Your attempts to introduce new foods, different foods, healthier foods, are met with resistance and maybe even tears. There is lots of worry about foods! Parents of these anxious eaters describe their children as well beyond typical picky.

Some children are anxious about ANY type of change at mealtimes. They might become upset when their parent cuts their familiar toast into a different shape. They may reject yogurt if it has been served in a bowl, and not out of the container. Other anxious eaters are really worried about new foods. Every anxious eater experiences their own specific kind of worry. While worry can be seen as the common thread, different children worry about different aspects of eating and mealtimes. And we know, when children worried, anxious about eating, mealtimes becomes stressed for all!


Do these children sound familiar? (Taken from Anxious Eaters, Anxious Mealtimes)

These children need our help to find mealtime peace, good nutrition, mealtime enjoyment and confidence in new food trying!