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The Get Permission Approach is a collection of proven strategies to lovingly support children who have feeding challenges and their families. It was developed by Marsha Dunn Klein, OTR/L. The Get Permission Approach is based on solid principles of normal development, evidence-based research, and almost 50 years of clinical experience using a trust and relationship-based approach for feeding and eating challenges.

This website provides practical resources about Get Permission strategies and is intended to provide education for parents and professionals helping these children. In addition, this website provides information about upcoming workshops, when and where they are happening and how to set one up at your facility or in your community. The website is currently a work in progress, so check in again soon to see the new things we are adding!

While semi-retired and no longer providing direct patient care, Marsha continues to mentor, publish, teach and create resources for The Get Permission Approach. She is assisted in these activities by Karen Dilfer, OTR/L from Chicago and BreAnne Robison, OTR/L from Tucson, both of whom were previously fellows at Mealtime Connections, LLC, training under the tutelage of Marsha. In their current practices, they are continuing to utilize and improve (or possibly expand) the Get Permission Approach.